Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes


Have you already heard about a crime drama TV series freshly released in Polish tv (TVP2) It concerns brilliant detective who, with his also very bright companion solve criminal problems using deduction…Who am I talking about?

It’s not a suprise that the answer is… Sherlock Holmes. This mysterious character, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is an everlasting legend. Despite of many adaptations is still interesting and willingly watched by all people.

The TV series, partly funded by BBC and made for BBC Wales is different from other adaptations. It is set in modern-day London but the plot is unaltered. Sherlock Holmes meets Watson and they start to cooperate. However, after watching the first episode I can strongly recommend it. The dreary landscape of London after dusk and also dreary Holmes crossing the streets create an unforgettable atmosphere.

What is more in the series we can admire great actors such as Benedict Cumberbatch (as Holmes) and Martin Freeman (Watson).

If you missed the first episode – watch it somewhere else and wait for the second one – each episode is released on Sunday at 9:10 P.M (TVP2)


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